Barnby-in-the-Willows All Saints

Features and Fittings

Font Altar rails, altar, reredos and
sanctuary panelling
Reredos carving Pulpit and lectern


At the west end of the nave there is a 13th century octagonal stone font with shields in quatrefoil panels.

Sanctuary panelling

The panelling in the sanctuary and 'fanciful' carving to the reredos dates from the 17th century.

Altar rails

The altar rails date from the 17th century and, according to Pevsner, have 'rather heavy balusters'.


The 19th century pulpit has blind tracery.


In the nave and choir there are a large number of 15th century bench ends with varied blind tracery and elaborate poppyheads. Many are in the shape of human heads but there are also animals and flowers. Four of the poppyheads are 19th century cast iron replacements.

Both the north and south aisles contain 18th century box pews.

Royal Coat-of-Arms

Royal Coat of Arms Liturgical board

On the south wall of the south aisle is a painting of the Coat-of-Arms of King George III dated to 1811.

Liturgical board

A Liturgical Board, with the Creed and Lord’s Prayer, is mounted on the north wall of the north aisle.