St Leodegarius


A Henry Jones tracker organ was installed in 1902 after the fire in 1900 but was itself destroyed by fire in the vandalism on Easter Monday, 1974. It had two predecessors, one of 1846 and the other by F.W.Jardin in 1868. A new all-electric organ in light oak was installed in the north side of the chancel by J.W.Walker & Co. in 1977. The console is on the south side and bears a brass plaque: ‘The Organ Console is a Memorial to the late Mrs. Kathleen Hill-Hill, a generous benefactor of this Church.’ A small bench was removed to make space for the console.

The specifications of the 1902 Henry Jones organ were:

Pedal:Open Diapason 16'
Bourdon 16'

Great:Open Diapason 8'
Stopped Diapason 8'
Dulciana 8'
Gamba 8'
Principal 4'
Harmonic Flute 4'
Twelfth 2⅔'
Fifteenth 2'
Clarionet 8'

Swell:Lieblich Bourdon 16'
Open Diapason 8'
Rohr Gedackt 8'
Viole d’Orchestre 8'
Voix Celestes 8' TC
Gemshorn 4'
Piccolo 2'
Mixture III
Cornopean 8'
Oboe 8'