St Margaret

Features and Fittings

The Altar

A modern oak framework.


An elaborate carved and painted timber work of unknown origin. There is an unsubstantiated local belief that it was painted by the daughter of the 20th century rector, the Rev W H Hunt, but is more reasonably a product of the 1873 restoration. It carries the following inscription:

The cup of blessing which we bless is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break is it not the communion of the body of Christ


A chamfered 13th century piscina is in the south wall of the chancel.

Credence table

Between the piscina and the reredos, believed to have been created from two pieces of a shaft of the Early English chancel arch, found in the wall demolished to allow the building of the organ chamber in 1873. Described as 15th century.

Altar Rails

Installed in 1959.

The Font

Cylindrical, consisting of three stones, the upper two being described in 1820 as ‘modern’, but in 1912 as ‘early Norman’. The plinth with zig zag ornamentation, designated as Norman by Pevsner, has attracted wide interest and has produced the suggestion that it is of pre-Conquest origin and perhaps part of the earlier preaching cross. The font is considered to be 12th century with an earlier base. A modern wooden cover carries the words:


The Pulpit

Pulpit LectErn

Octagonal, of mainly 19th century structure, but with a section of 17th century work. 

The Lectern

The oak carved eagle lectern was donated in 1948 in memory of those from the parish who gave their lives in the Second World War.

Choir Stalls

There are three 19th century stalls and a 20th century rear stall, all chamfered. The rear stall was given in memory of Mrs Kathleen Tordoff in 1967.

The Litany Desks

A small desk and chair stand in the chancel, by the south wall. An accompanying plate carries the inscription:

To the Glory of God and in loving memory of
Rector Bilsthorpe 1911-1918
The Gift of the Parishioners

A second larger desk and chair stand near the southern end of the chancel arch and were installed in 1963 in memory of Mr William Maskrey.

The Samaritan Guild desk (in the Tower Vestry) and the Sanctuary Lamp were given in memory of Robert Hoggett, who lost his life in a mining accident in 1962.

Benefactions Board

On the south wall is the following:

Benefaction to the Parish of Bilsthorpe

Miss Ann Benson, daughter of the
Revd Thomas Benson, formerly Rector
of Bilsthorpe, died in the year 1846 and
left, by will, a legacy of £100 to be invest-
ed in “Government securities” in the
names of the Minister and the Churchward
ens of the Parish of Bilsthorpe for the
time being; the interest thereof to
be distributed among the poor of the
Parish of Bilsthorpe, in December, at
the discretion of the Minister and

This tablet was erected by order of

William Ashmore   } Churchwardens
William Hage  

April 1849

Vestry Screen

The screen to the Tower Vestry was installed in 1944.