Bilsthorpe St Margaret


Archival Sources

A manuscript outlining a history of the church. No author given.

Borthwick Institute for Archives, York

Bp.V.1764/Ret: Archbishop Drummond’s Visitation of 1764

Lincolnshire Archives

Parish documents

PR 1584: Memorandum of finding EE stonework in the church. 1873

MGA567: Affidavit of T C Hine re survey and proposed work of restoration. 28 Mch. 1873

Faculty documents

1873/3: Major restoration of 1873

Nottinghamshire Archives

Parish documents

PR20409: St. Luke’s Baptism register. 1932-1939

PR 20410: Terrier of St Luke’s church.  1936

PR20411: St. Luke’s ground plan.

Faculty documents

PR 20397: Erection of the Savile Memorial Chapel over a family vault. 13 June 1879

PR 20398: Citation leading to a faculty, reservation of 8 perches as grave space for family burials on land given by Baron Savile as an  extension churchyard. 10 July 1904

PR 20399: Provision of brass war memorial. 15 January 1921

PR 20400: Removal of 5 graves and provision of concrete floor during mining operations. 13 April 1946

PR 20401: Erection of memorial window to Rev. W H Hunt (1918 – 1938). 18 June 1946

PR 20402: Provision of oak carved eagle lectern as war memorial.

PR 20403: Erection of new altar rails. 21 August 1957

PR 20404: Installation of ‘Guild of Samaritans’ desk as a memorial to Robert Hoggett. 28 August 1962

PR 20405: Removal of Henry Savile tomb from Savile Chapel, replacement of window glass preserving only the Savile arms, installation of altar etc. 28 May 1965. (Not exercised until 1984, by means of a further faculty)

Published Sources

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