Bothamsall Our Lady and St Peter

List of Incumbents

Chapel known to exist by 1220s. No indication of named clergy until c1247

c1247 Laurence de Ranby, canon of Welbeck
by 1478 Richard Symondson, canon of Welbeck
by 1488-1500 John Wentbrigg, canon of Welbeck

Post Reformation incumbents became Perpetual Curates

By 1567 John Cresswell  
By 1584 Stepen Moodie Vicar of Elkesley/curate of Bothamsall
1608-19 Lawrence Britten (?Breedon)  
1620 Thomas Proctor  
1621-2 Alexander Smith  
1625-8 Bartholomew Wright  
1628 Henry Bacon Still at Bothamsall in 1643
1649 Benjamin Alexander To hire curate for one year - patron Earl of Clare
? William Gardiner Erased in 1663 call book - Was he a Puritan?
1663-6 Henry Alsop  
1666 Philip Squire  
1666-72 John Thwaites  
1673 Thomas Alesby  
1674-82 John Melson  
1683 Nathaniel Boothouse  
1684-6 Anthony Armistead  
1687-8 Vacant  
1689-90 Edward Reynes  
1691-3 John Thwaites  
1694 William Pennington  
1695-1716 John Wright  
1717-66 William Boawre Patron: Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne / Newcastle-under-Lyne
1766-(?87) Francis Halliday Patron: Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne
1787-1812 Miles Mason Patron: Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne
1812-44 John Mason Patron: 4th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne

The church was rebuilt in 1844-5 the patron continuing to be the 4th Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne who financed the rebuilding.

1845 Charles McGregor 3rd baronet - chaplain to the 4th Duke of Newcastle    
1845-7 Alexander L Webster Patron: Duke of Newcastle    
1847 John Chapman Patron: Duke of Newcastle    
1848-50 George Rawlinson Patron: Duke of Newcastle    
1851-69 Henry Fynes Clinton (later Fiennes-Clinton) Patron: Duke of Newcastle    
1869-78 Richard C Ward Patron: Duke of Newcastle    
1878-89 Seymour Bently Patron: Bishop of Lincoln(by lapse)    
1889-98 Alfred H McLaughlin Patron: 7th Duke of Newcastle    
1898-1901 Walter C Carr Patron: 7th Duke of Newcastle    
1901-06 William G Roach Patron: 7th Duke of Newcastle    

United with Elkesley – Vicars

1906-45 William G Roach From 1924, Patron: Society for the Maintenance of the Faith
1945-80 Douglas D Woodgate  
1981-83 Robert Miller  
1983-92 Patrick Rowley  
1992-2008 Clive F Andrews  

The first priest was appointed in the 1220s from the ranks of the canons at Welbeck Abbey when the monks took possession. The first named priest was Lawrence de Ranby appointed in 1247.

Although Bothamsall was within the parish of Elkesley from the earliest time recorded, it appears always to have had a separate clergyman until union in 1906. After the Reformation the clergy are described as Perpetual Curates.

The Newcastle’s curates were never well paid. Even so, the 4th Duke in his diary entry of 8th Serptember 1825 expresses his indignation that the Archbishop of York was insisting that “Queen Ann’s Bounty”, which was a fund for augmenting poor livings, be offered to the curate of Bothamsall. The Duke declared that he would “persist in refusing it”. Reasons are not given but zealous control of his aristocratic privileges may be one. It does not refect well on a man already greatly disliked for his reactionary attitudes.