Cossall St Catherine


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives Office

Parish Records PR CL-CU Cossall : St Catherine, Baptisms from 1654, Marriages from 1663, Burials from 1654.
PR 5239 Churchwardens / Poor Relief / Overseers Accounts 1717 -1761
PR 5342 Churchwarden’s Account Book 1813 - 1874
PR 7735 /1-9 Correspondence: Bishop of Lincoln to Lord Middleton 1875 -1877
PR 7784 /1-5 Detachment of Cossall from Wollaton 1952 – 1953
PR 7797/1-4 Terrier of Wollaton cum Cossall 1786
PR 7807 Terrier of the Rectory of Wollaton cum Cossall 1748
PR 7860 Letters: Rev. Hewgill & Lord Middleton’s Agent re: Church repairs 1838
PR 21,804 Terrier of Parishes of Wollaton and Cossall –1910
PR 21,811/1-2 Erection of First World War Memorial 1920 – 1921

Records currently waiting accessioning by Nottinghamshire Archive Office

Preacher’s Book 1876 to 1887
Preacher’s Book 1888 to 1895
Preacher’s Book 1896 to 1903
Meeting Book of Cossall Parishioners from 1879 to 1923
Minutes of the Cossall Parochial Church Council Meetings from 1923 to 1952

The University of Nottingham, Manuscripts and Special Collections

AN/PB 292/5/43 Churchwarden Presentment, Cossall, Nottingham Deanery 8.5.1596
AN/PB 302/298 Churchwarden Presentment, Cossall, Nottingham Deanery 24.4.1626
AN/PB 306/342 Churchwarden Presentment, Cossall, Nottingham Deanery 20.11.1684
AN/PB 308/339 Churchwarden Presentment, Cossall, Nottingham Deanery 8.5.1704
AN/PB 308/501 Churchwarden Presentment, Cossall, Nottingham Deanery 22.4.1706
AN/PB 309/634 Churchwarden Presentment, Cossall, Nottingham Deanery 21.10.1718
AN/PB 309/706 Parochial Visitation Order & Certificate, Cossall, Nottingham Deanery, 23.5.1718 - 13.4.1719

The University of Nottingham, East Midlands Special Collection

Whyld, Christopher Martin, 1987. Cossall and the Willoughbys 1500 – 1700: The Acquisition and Exploitation of a Manor. (MA Dissertation) [Not 99.D25 WHY]

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Electronic Sources