Cottam Holy Trinity

List of Incumbents

As the chapelry of Cottam was in South Leverton parish until 24 May 1876, the list of incumbents is identical to that of South Leverton. There is no separately recorded list of chaplains.

From May 1876 to 1925 the incumbents are as Littleborough:

1876-1879 Isaac Williams (died)
1879-1896 Henry Charles Binns (resigned)
1896-1901 William Arthur Holiday (resigned)
1901-1905 Ernest Edward Farmer (resigned)
1905-1917 Horatio John Griffin (resigned)
1917-? William Langford

From 17 March 1925 Cottam was united with Treswell. The patrons of Treswell were to have the first three turns in four , and the patrons of Cottam were to have the fourth term.

1925-1931 Mark Athel Noble (died)
1931-1950 John Henry Tomlinson (resigned)
1950-1961 Richard Frank Camenisch (resigned)
1961- Victor Alexander Carpenter