St Mary


There are eight bells.

  Inscription Size Weight Note
Treble To the Glory of God
In Memory of
John William Fryar
Of this parish
Died August 19th 1915
24" 3.1.11 F#
2 To the Glory of God
In Memory of
John William Fryar
Of this parish
Died August 19th 1915
25.5" 3.2.5 F
3 To the glory of God
This bell was given by
C.W. Phillips
In memory of his mother
27.5" 4.1.16 D#
4 John Taylor & Co Founders Loughborough 1869
Recast 1922
By Mary Ann Hanson
Of Kimberley
30" 5.2.3 C#
5 G. Hedderley of Nottingham Made Me in 1793 + O O
Recast 1922
32.625" 6.2.25 B
6 Dulcis Sisto Melis Vocor Campana Gabrielis
Recast 1922
34.75" 7.2.15 A#
7 J. Taylor & Co Founders Loughborough 1869 39.5" 10.1.25 G#
Tenor J. Taylor & Co Founders Loughborough 1869 44" 13.1.7 F#

In 1866 there were four bells:-

George Hedderley Nottingham 1793

Campana Gabrielis sisto meus vocor William Dawes London c 1385 to 1418

God Save Our Church Henry Oldfield - Nottingham 1609

The fourth bore no inscription. It has been suggested it could have been by Daniel Hedderley who cast some blank bells.

The bell frame was dated 1699.

In 1869 Taylors of Loughborough carried out work to an estimate dated 26th June 1867 which allowed for three new bells, new clappers for the present four bells, new hanging for the four bells, new ropes and strengthening of the existing frame. A second estimate was for a second treble bell. The net cost was £177 15s 2d after allowance for the old bells.

In 1921 Taylors carried out a further inspection as a result of which Treble, Two and Three were recast, the two Tenors retuned and three Trebles donated to make up the eight. A new metal frame was built and the bells hung on roller bearings as at present.

In 1983 the bearings were renewed and the clappers refurbished by F. Pembleton, costing £910 and in 1986 the two tenors were quarter turned by Haywood-Mills at £527.58 raised by the bell ringers.

On the nave wall to the north side of the main entrance is a plaque which reads:

The bells of this church were re-hung
three of the old bells recast
and three new bells given
making a peal of eight
by parishioners and friends.

Dedicated September 1922.

S.J. Galloway M.A. Vicar
H. Lindley
P.H. Towlson Wardens