Hawksworth St Mary and All Saints

List of Incumbents

Start Date Name of parson Patron(s) Notes / Reason for leaving
  Unknown Probably Thurgarton Priory The church was known to be in existence around 1154-1166


Richard, Prior of Lincoln St Katherine

St Katherine’s Priory, Lincoln

A 1207 manuscript records that Richard had been parson of Hawksworth for 40 years but had just resigned

c. 1207

Henry, Prior of Thurgarton St Peter

Thurgarton Priory


c. 1208



Adam de Newmarché



Elias, Parson of Hawksworth

Adam de Newmarché

Died or resigned around 1208

c. 1208


Robert de Camsale

Adam de Newmarché


2 April 1241

James Poignant

Presented jointly by the Prior & of St Katharine, Lincoln and the Prior of Thurgarton, Notts

Joint presentation in accordance with the terms of a 1208 settlement of a dispute over the advowson

21 Sept 1292

William de Wrelton

The Prior and Convent of Thurgarton


15 Jan 1313

Reginald de Sybthorpe

Simon de Sybthorpe

Resigned for the rectory of Strelley which he began on 3 Jan 1320

3 Jan 1320

Roger de Aslacton

The Prior and Convent of Thurgarton


23 July 1345

William de Sibthorp, acolyte

William de Middleton


24 July 1365


Hugh Bozon

Elyas/Ellis de Middleton


19 Feb 1400

Thomas Watton

The Prior and Convent of Thurgarton


18 October 1403

John Taylor

Elyas de Middleton

By his will, proved 21 April 1434, he requested to be buried ‘in the churchyard, before the cross’

18 Jan 1433

William King

The prior and Convent of Thurgarton



Laurence Daynet




18 March 1437

Richard Aylmer

The Prior and Convent of Thurgarton


26 Sept 1454

William Wightman


William Middleton


1 March 1467

John Baly

The Prior and Convent of Thurgarton


25 Nov 1472

William Bannester, or Barmester

William Middleton

Resigned for the church of Kelham which he began 30 Aug 1478

30 Aug 1478

Thomas Southworth

The Prior and Convent of Thurgarton

By his will dated 17 April 1505, he requested to be buried in the chancel

11 Oct 1505

Richard Smyth

The Archbishop of York, by lapse

By his will proved 11 Jan 1506, he requested to be buried ‘in the chancel of St Edmund, off the south part of the chancel’

7 Jan 1506

Edward Woodhouse

The Prior and Convent of Thurgarton

By his will dated 19 April 1528, he requested to be buried in the chancel

Probably 1523

Robert Sutton



1537 - dissolution of Thurgarton Priory

20 July 1543

Robert Pride

The Assigns of the Prior and Convent of Thurgarton

Previously at Thoroton parish. Incumbent until 1551. By his will dated 17 July 1554 he requested to be buried in the chancel

20 Feb 1554

Bryan Saundford

Richard Whalley

Died 1584

Also Rector of Whitwell Derbyshire

25 June 1585

John Deane or Depup MA

James Cooper, gent

John Depup MA died 4/5 Jan 1602

7 May 1603

George Bingley BA

King James I

Buried at Hawksworth 18 April 1628

3 June 1629

George Holmes

William, Earl of Newcastle


7 March 1630/31

Robert Rockold or Rockall


Buried at Hawksworth 26 Aug 1659. Thoroton states ‘In the chancel about the year 1659 was buried Robert Rockold, the most ingenious Rector of this place, aged about 60 years. A bachelor, and a great example of Piety, Charity and Eloquence’


Benjamin Clay

Unknown but Robert Butler, William Clay and others bought the manor and land at Hawksworth in 1653

Also held the benefice of Hawksworth during the 1653-59 Commonwealth.

Buried at Southwell 17 July 1660

11 Sept 1662

John Simpson

Robert Butler

Buried at Hawksworth 8 Oct 1679

After 1676

Richard Bradford MA

According to Throsby, William Clay Esq presented the rector in 1690

Buried at Hawksworth 14 March 1700


Pickering Dickinson


Of Hawksworth in his will dated 3 Aug 1700

7 June 1701

Francis Chappell

Richard Butler Esq (son of Robert Butler who died before 1701)

Buried at Hawksworth 11 Aug 1707

15 Jan 1707/8

Humphrey Bralesford or Brailsford MA

Richard Butler of Lincoln’s Inn, Middx

Mr Humphrey Bralesford, Rector, and Mrs Mary Solomon were married at Hawksworth 15 July 1729.

He was admitted to the prebend of Norwell Tertia Pars at Southwell 20 April 1721 and held the same until his death. Died 1733

15 Feb 1733/34

Hammond Turner MA

Thomas Wright, gent of Sheffield

The Rev Hammond Turner, parish of Treeton, co York, and Elizabeth Creed were married at Wollaton Notts 15 Jan 1746/7.

He died in 1774

4 Jan 1775

John Dixon MA

Elizabeth Turner of Treeton Co York and Job Brough Esq of Newark Notts



Creed Turner


Son of Revd Hammond Turner. He died at Treeton, in 1805, aged 55


Francis Parker BA


Not listed in Induction Mandate. Described as Rector of Hawksworth in a history of Sheffield (Hunter 1819). Ceded to John Storer in 1808

5 Feb 1808

John Storer BA

John Storer of Nottingham MD and Lois his wife (nee Turner)

Rector of Hawksworth for 29 years.

Died at Clifton 4 Feb 1837, buried in Hawksworth church.

22 Apr 1837

John Storer MA

John Storer of Lenton Firs, Doctor of Medicine

Resigned Nov 1850

8 Jan 1851

George Hunt Smyttan BA

John Storer, the previous incumbent

He rebuilt the chancel, erected a new school, wrote the hymn ‘Forty days and forty nights’ and was secretary to the Mission to Central Africa formed by David Livingstone. He resigned due to ill health in 1858

14 Jan 1859

William Walton Herringham MA

George Hunt Smyttan

Resigned in 1873 and went to Old Cleeve in Somerset

31 Jan 1873

John Blurton Webb MA

Rev William Walton Herringham, of Old Cleeve, Somerset

Came from Old Cleeve in Somerset. Resigned 29 Sept 1878

8 Jan 1879

John Glenn Bayles

George Blackburn Esq of 56 London Road Nottingham (father in law to JG Bayles)

Died at Hawksworth rectory 11 Dec 1906 age 60 and interred in Hawksworth churchyard

6 Sept 1907

Harry Clarkson MA

Agnes Fielding Bayles of Hawksworth, widow


5 Oct 1917

Albert Alfred Kerridge

Agnes Fielding Bayles of Radcliffe Road Nottingham, widow








Alfred John Hallmark



Described as the vicar of Hawksworth in Kelly’s Directory of Notts 1941

1940s or 1950s

Rev Wadsworth



Jointly with Scarrington parish

12 Jan 1966

Geoffrey Frank Blackmore



Cranmer Group of parishes established in 1966. Died in office in 1980

4 March 1982

Sidney Frederick Rising



31 December 1986


Douglas Bridge-Collins





Reginald Arthur Walton



Retired in 2007


Karl Przywala