Hawksworth St Mary and All Saints


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives

Will of John Taillour of Hawksworth 12th November 1433 / 21st April 1434

DD/P/8/145. 1545 grant to Thomas Magnus and Richard Whalley

DD/P/8/47. Transfer of the advowson in 1548

DD/P/8/18. Appointment of the rector in 1585

DD/P/26/4. Conveyance in 1628/9 to Earl of Newcastle

DD/12/1. Sale of the forfeited property of the Earl of Newcastle in 1652

DD/12/2. Sale in 1653 to Robert Butler

DR/1/3/2/1. Hawksworth Glebe Terrier, 1684

DD/T/3/119. Will of Rev Pickering Dickinson in 1700

DD/12/4. Conveyance of the advowson in 1724 from Thomas Jubb to Thomas Wright

DD/12/6. Release of the advowson in 1729 from Mary Butler

DD/12/8. Assignment of mortgage in 1736

Enclosure award for Hawksworth, 1761

PR1801. Hawksworth church warden accounts, 1801-1854

PR1802. Constables account book 1828-1878 with vestry minutes, 1856-1883

PR 19813. Historical notes on Hawksworth by J Howard, 26th March 1895

Derbyshire Records Office

DS47M/F55-56 1736. Thomas Wright and Elizabeth Garland of Todwick

Leicestershire Records Office

DE220/10. 12th or 13th century confirmation of grant; de Neville & de Sancto Paulo families in Hawksworth

University of Nottingham Manuscripts Department

Abstracts of names of Archdeaconry of Nottingham clergymen, taken from Induction Mandates  1557-1942 AM/IM/213. Available at: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/ManuscriptsandSpecialCollections/CollectionsInDepth/Archdeaconry/Introduction.aspx

AN/PB 167, 230, 240, 292-5, 298, 300, 303, 314-19, 321, 323. Church warden presentments for Hawksworth 1587 onwards

National Archives (Public Records Office)

C 1/1394/22-23. Action for conveyance in 1553. Richard Whalley of Welbeck, esquire v. Maurice Dennys, knight

Catalogue ref: Prob 11/664. Will of Rev Humphrey Brailsford. Proved London, 1733

Prob 11/1414. Will of Creed Turner. Proved London, 12 Sept 1804

Josephine Butler Letters Collection. The Women’s Library, Feb-Mar 1867, ref GB106 3JBL/01/31

Consular Death indices. Frankfurt am Main 1871 Vol 5 p839. Death notification of George Hunt Smyttan


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