Kingston on Soar St Winifred

List of Incumbents

Until 1538 the parish church was Ratcliffe. It had rectors while Norton Priory was patron, then vicars when Burscough became patron. At the time when Kingston became a separate parish, the last priest put forward by Burscough was vicar. The priest appointed in 1543 was under crown patronage.

Rectors (Patron: Norton Priory)

Name Date Notes
W. de Shendon 1239  
Henry de Halton 1270  
Richard de Hertford 1292 (for a few months John de Sandole, later Dean of St Paul’s and Bishop of Winchester)
Walter de Alleford 1326  
John Gerard 1331  
Walter de Melburn 1342  
Robert de Treford   (Black Death 1348)
John de Ditton 1352  
Henry de Blakeburn 1359  
John de Kyneton    

Vicars (Patron: Burscough Priory)

Thomas de Basford 1385  
Richard Gower 1391  
Richard Balle    
Richard de Wynwicke 1416  
John Ray    
William Hickson 1419  
William Wilms    
Hugo Beton 1429  
Richard Ives    
Laurence Whalley 1450  
James Allerton 1461  
John Buttiler 1471  
John Prescott 1478  
Henry Riding 1497 resigned
Hector Riding 1497  
Thomas Wynter 1509  
John Rolston 1543 Patron Henry VIII

Clergy who served in the separate Parish of Kingston

Christopher Edwards 1553
Richard Hickman 1650
Robert Holmes 1679

Perpetual Curates of Kingston

Pattenson 1856
J.F. Bateman 1856
W.Rumman 1862
Orlando Spencer Smith 1875
Edward Stuart Taylor 1879
Henry Balfour Hamilton 1882
Richard Owen Jones 1909

Vicars of Ratcliffe with Kingston

Richard Owen Jones 1916
Charles Herbert Vincent Brown 1932

Rectors of West Leake with Ratcliffe and Kingston

Charles Herbert Vincent Brown 1933  
Harry Norman Wrigley 1935  
Philip Harper New 1938 During his service as Chaplain to the Forces 1943-46 the parish was looked after by Bernard Parker Hall, Rector of Gotham
John Frederick Theodore Martin 1947  
Cyril Brailsford 1952  
Ieuan Merchant Williams 1954  
John William Mayer 1962  

From 1967 until 1969 Kingston was looked after by Raymond Samuel Foster of Stanford-on-Soar, then by Norman Copeland of Gotham till 1971, and Alfred Donald Williams of Gotham till 1981. From that year the parish was in the charge of the Rural Dean of West Bingham, or of the Rector of Barton-in-Fabis, but the acting priest was from 1981 till 1985 Robert Lewis McCullough, and from 1985-1996 Waller Brian Brendan Magill.

Priest in Charge of Barton-in-Fabis, Thrumpton, Ratcliffe, and Kingston

Richard Spray 1996  
Steve Osman 2002 Also with Gotham
Richard Coleman 2011 Also with Gotham