St Luke


The original bells at St Luke were cast by Arnold, of Leicester in 1794. On the bells was inscribed:

A. Burgin T. Pockington Churchwardens Edw. Arnold Leicester fecit 1794

They were originally hung in a wooden frame, Elphick type Z, dating from 1793/4.

Between 1980 and 1982 the church petitioned for a new bell frame to be built. In 1984 the bell frame was replaced by a new steel frame by Eayre and Smith of Melbourne, Derbyshire.

In 1986 a new set of bells was installed. They were small and so quiet that microphones had to be installed so that people could hear them.

By 2010 there were 6 additional bells at St Luke, making 12 in total, plus a service bell. All of the bells date from 1927, except for the service bell which was originally the treble of four at Bassingthorpe in Lincolnshire, it is the work of the Seliok family c.1520.