Lambley Holy Trinity


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Achives Office

Archdeaconry Act Books DDTS 1-25.

Parish Registers: Lambley.

Bishops Transcripts: Lambley.

Quarter Sessions Act Books QSMI/1-12.

Wills & Inventories, various: Lambley.

Census Returns: 1841-1891.

Miscellaneous: Deeds

Nottingham University Manuscripts Department

Archdeaconry Act Books A39-47

Induction Mandates

Middleton MSS

Manvers MSS

Church Of England Record Office

File NB 38/103:   Main file containing official Articles of Enquiry for 1832, 1872, 1877 and 1923
File 59,804:   Sale of Glebe
File 84,773:   Contains maps and drawings of glebe land, also illustrating mineral rights beneath the glebe, for 1913, 1923, 1937. Sale of 1927 gives details of interested parties, the incumbent, patron and buyer.

Lincolnshire Achives Office

Non-resident licences, bundles 5/12 (1841), 12/7 (1848)

Presentation Deeds, 198/5 (1842), 203/6 (1847), 216/32 (1860), 217/36 (1861), 229/26 (1873), 237B/7 (1883)

Mortgages under Gilbert’s Act (MGA) 336 (1849), plans

Resignations, 245/10 (1861), 247/26 (1873), 248/14 (1883)

Borthwick Institute, York

Probate wills and inventories

Archbishop’s Registers

Archbishop’s Visitations

Published Sources

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