Mansfield St Lawrence


Two brief notes in the church records mention that an organ was installed in 1910 and a service of dedication in 1912, when Mr. R.W. Liddle, the organist of Southwell Minster gave a recital. It is not clear if these relate to the same instrument. The original plans for the church show that the organ was to be located in the north transept.

The present organ 2001 is located under the arch of the north transept immediately behind the choir stalls. It is has a light oak frame with two glass doors enclosing the two key boards and the stops. The stops are porcelain with black lettering. A small brass plate is inscribed:



Left- outer


Left – inner




Fogalto 16



Vox Humana 8


Ophicleide 16

Hautbuis  8


Mixture 1V



Trumpet 8


Gemshorn 4

Centra Faggotto 16


Bass Flute 8



Mixture V


Principal 8

Tieric 13/3.


Bourden 16



Black Flute 2


Violin 16

Fifteenth 2


Open Wood 16



Nazcord 2



Stopped Flute 4





Principal 4



Voix Celeste 8





Saliconal 8



Rohr Flute 8





Open Diapson 8




Right - inner


Right - outer








Posaune 8





Corno di Basetto 16


Swell to Great

Cornet V


Swell to Pedal



Mixture V


Great to Dedd

Fifteenth 2


GT and Ped. Pistons



Harmonic Flute 4



Principal 4





Core Gamba 8



Clarabel Flute 8





Open Diaspon 8



Bourdon 16