Newstead St Mary

Features and Fittings

Looking into the chancelChancel

Initially smaller than it is now, it was increased in size in 1932. A small eastward extension was built and the East Windows were relocated in the new east wall.

A matching pair of Foundation Stones are set into the East Wall of the Nave, flanking the Chancel. They are symmetrically placed and read:

To the north-east:

This stone was laid by W B M Jackson Esq July 21st 1928

To the south-east:

This stone was laid by Charles Ian Fraser Esq July 21st 1928

Mr Jackson was the Director of Newstead Colliery, whilst Mr Fraser was the Owner of Newstead Abbey.

A detailed perusal of the correspondence relating to the building of the church, filed in the Parish Records (Nottingham Archives), suggests that it was somewhat unfair that these two gentlemen should have had their names inscribed for posterity. The two people who actually bore the many practical (and often frustrating) burdens associated with the construction, including liaison with the Architect and with the Builder, were Mr H German (Agent for the Abbey) and Mr Thomas G Lees (Agent for the Colliery).

On 31 December 1927, Mr Lees retired from employment by the colliery but the forceful Mr German insisted that he continue as a co-trustee and as a co-signatory for cheques and documents.


A form of “Rood Screen” is fitted at the entrance to the Chancel. This was built by Mr John Heath-Tilford, joiner and undertaker and for 58 years a Churchwarden.

Lady Chapel altar and bannerLady Chapel

When the church was built in 1928, it was heated by means of a coal-fired boiler system. A Boiler House was built on to the church on the south side. When the coal-fired heating system was replaced by an electric one in the nineteen-sixties, the boiler was removed and the Boiler House was converted into a Lady Chapel. Chairs were purchased and a suitable carpet was installed.

Above the altar in the Lady Chapel is an embroidered banner. A commemorative citation reads:

Banner of Praise
Dedicated to
Lilian Duron
1904 - 1998

A Good and Faithful Servant

The Font

The font is centrally located, to the east of the transverse porch wall. It was provided as part of the fitting out of the original building.

Old Bell

An old bell, recovered from the Newstead Old Cemetery Chapel, is preserved in the Church and rests on the floor of a pew close to the entrance to the Lady Chapel.


There is a small vestry for the celebrant on the north side of the church, at the east end. Opening from this vicar’s vestry is the choir vestry, which is accessed via a short flight of steps..

Memorial Book Case

Memorial book-case and candle standOn the north side, west of the organ, there is a Memorial Book in a modern glass case on a stand.

Candle Stand

A modern Candle Stand is set against the north wall, near the Memorial Book.