Newstead St Mary

List of Incumbents

The Church of St Mary the Virgin, in Newstead Village, has never enjoyed the ministry of an “exclusive” priest. Due to the way in which the communities and the congregations grew and developed, the Parish of Newstead, initially with its Abbey Chapel Liberty and then, from 1928, with its Village Church Liberty, was served by one chaplain.

On the strict interpretation that this entry should be concerned solely with The Church of St Mary the Virgin, as a building, any list of incumbents should begin in 1928, when the building was completed. Since, however, the Church of St Mary the Virgin, as a community and congregation, dates from 1889, “when services began to be held in the colliery buildings by the Abbey Chaplain”, we should include information about the earlier ministers.

Whilst there is some inconsistency in the records (the slightly different terms Chaplain, Abbey Chaplain and Colliery Chaplain are used indiscriminately) it is certain that an appointed Chaplain ministered to the church community of the Newstead area, first as one group, then as two.

The following tables cover four different periods in the life of the local Newstead Village community:

1862 to 1889 Worship in the Chapel of Newstead Abbey

1862 Curtis Jackson
1875 E J Whittaker
1876 James Rhodes Ashworth

1889 to 1928 Worship in various colliery and other buildings in Newstead Village

1889 Richard Hisco Whitworth
1897 Matthew Archbold Dodds
1902 Ralph Woodward
1908 John Philip Ivens
1919 Herbert Heath Summers
1920 James Williams
1927 Keith Bertie Frampton

K.B.Frampton was Chaplain when the Church of St Mary the Virgin was built in 1928 and therefore he heads the next table, which starts from that date.

1928 to 1963 Worship in the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Newstead Village

1928 Keith Bertie Frampton
1931 James Henry Frary
1934 John George Fryer
1936 Robert William Ellis
1937 Ralph Pattison
1941 Francis Norman Chatfield
1947 Jack Wright Busby
1957 Denys Alfred Nightingale

In 1959 the Chaplaincy became vacant, but was never filled. In 1963 the Diocese created a new Parish and appointed a Vicar of Annesley with Newstead.

1963 to date Worship in Newstead St Mary the Virgin, following the establishment of Parish of Annesley with Newstead

1963 Frank Lyons
1980 Alan Sydney George Hart
1987-1997 John C Wilson
1999-2003 Linda A Church
2004- Elizabeth Turner-Loisel

The compilation of these tables has been greatly facilitated by examining the Newstead Abbey Baptism Register, made available through the good offices of the Abbey Curator. A single book spans three centuries and contains all the baptisms recorded between 1862 and 2003. The first entry was made on 26 July 1862 and records the baptism of Ethel Mary, daughter of William Frederick Webb and Emilia Jane Webb.