Norwell St Laurence


Included here are:

Drawings for the 19th Century Renovations
  Chancel 1857-59
  Rest of Church 1872-75
  Historical Pictures
  Modern Photographs

See other pages for further photographs, particularly those on fittings, glass and monuments. Click on any thumbnail image to display the full-size picture

Drawings for the 19th Century Renovations:

The Chancel Renovation 1857-59
East elevation Cross Section South elevation Plan
 These drawings are annotated (by handwriting on the first two of them):          

The Red lines show restoration of Parapet now wanting: the Blue lines the probable
original outline of the Chancel existing at the time the large East window was put in.

The Restoration of the rest of the Church 1872-75
North elevation East elevation

West elevation

Cross sections Plan, showing seating Detail of the roof
Reredos - central section Reredos - side panels Detail of the seating

Historical Pictures:

Photograph of the church from
the 1874 appeal leaflet, showing
it before the restoration
The interior of the chancel
in 1930, showing the
previous organ
The dedication of the
War Memorial

Modern Photographs:

The church from
the south-east
View of the east end The tower The interior looking
west, (and showing
the organ)
The interior looking east The east window Monument to
Elizabeth Ayloffe
Bells in the belfry
Detail on the reredos Inside the tower
Green man boss in
the north transept roof
Gargoyle on the
south-east tower
Sundial in the churchyard The List of Vicars board The clock face The War Memorial