Ravenshead St Peter


Originally the newly built church had a bell-housing on the roof, fitted with a bell which was purchased from a French Monastery; it could be tolled using a bell rope which hung near the sacristy. This bell was donated by Mary Williamson and was in regular use in the early days of the church. Unfortunately the housing became unsafe and the bell and the housing were taken down. The bell is now stored in the sacristy.

This bell was cast by the John Warner Foundry of London (1907).


The bell was cast some 65 years before the church was built. It is as cast, i.e. it has not been quarter turned, and unusually for a chiming bell, it shows clapper wear on both sides of the sound bow. It is drilled and fitted with an independent crown staple and has a diameter of 13”, a tangential height of 10” and a weight of ½ cwt. approx.