St Peter

Features and Fittings

Most of the permanent fittings date from the nineteenth century.


The altar, screen and choir stalls are oak. The altar is surmounted by a marble slab incised with a cross at each corner and in the centre, representing the five wounds of Christ.

Carving on the altar


The carved front panels show:

1A eucharistic chalice and host (central panel)

2Figures of St Peter holding the key to the Kingdom and St John holding eucharistic elements (panel on either side of centre)

3Melchizedek, king and priest. (“Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedec” from Psalm 110.4, applied to Christ in Hebrews 5 – extreme left panel)

4Aaron holding his rod that budded from Numbers 17.1-13 (panel on extreme right)

5Two squares with the IHS (on left) and XPS (on right) (from ’IHΣOYΣ XPIΣTOΣ – “Jesus Christ” in Greek)

Sedilia and
with carving over

Stone carvings

On the south side of the altar are four carved stone heads, four each side at the base of stone arches, and two more on the canopy above the three seats in the sedilia. This carved canopy and a piscina form the chief stonework in the whole church.

The cross on the
screen, with the
chancel roof


The screen is surmounted by a massive rood cross bearing the inscription (from Revelation 5.13):

Blessing and Glory and Wisdom and Thanksgiving and Honour and Majesty be unto our GOD for ever and ever

North aisle


The oak pulpit matches the chancel screen and the panelling round the church. It stands on four square carved legs, is octagonal and carved with linenfold design in the panels, also matching the carving on all pew ends (though these have recently been removed). A band of grapes and vine leaf carving runs between the top edge of the pulpit and the carved panels.

Lady Chapel

A faculty of September 1956 provided for an English altar with riddel posts and an altar rail. The oak furniture was made by Bridgmans of Lichfield.


The old font The 1884 font


There are two fonts. The ‘old’ one is in the space between the south door and the oak door. It is thought that this is the font for which the licence of 1479 authorizing its use was granted. The second font placed by the west door was given in memory of John Hall MD as ‘a token of affectionate regard from friends and patients in Ruddington and neighbouring villages – 1884’. The carved panels above the pillared stem represent:

1The descent of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove

2The Cross (a child is given this sign at baptism)

3Three intertwined fishes

4The Greek letters Alpha and Omega

5An ark (the link between Noah’s ark and baptism is spelled out in 1 Peter 3.20,21)

6The letters IHS

7A chalice (decorated with vine leaf design)

8Interlocking triangles (signifying the Trinity)

A faculty was obtained in March 1960 for a beautifully carved oak cover to the font inscribed in memory of Charles Beecroft, sixty years a bellringer, who died 7 November 1958. ‘Suffer the little children to come to me.’ It was made by craftsman John Burgh from the firm of John Parker, joiners, Easthorpe.

Coats of Arms

The coats of arms of the Province of York and the Diocese of Southwell are carved in the stone of the wall. An inscription on the panelling below reads:

The coats of arms of York and Southwell above were emblazoned in memory of COLONEL FREDERICK GEORGE MORRIS dear husband of EDNA and to mark his many services to this village during his fifty years residence.