Screveton St Wilfrid

Features and Fittings


Norman, dated to c.1170.

Bowl encircled with interlaced arcading, and a foliaged border above.

It is 3ft in diameter, and 2ft.3in. high. It has a flat cover which is dated to c.1660.


'Winter' St Wilfrid

There are two of these attached to seats in the chancel.

One, the older, is medieval – probably 15th century, carved to represent ‘winter’, and shows a man warming his feet at a fire.

Similar figures elsewhere have been used to represent ‘February’, and so this may be the only survivor from an original series of 12.

The second, added in 1908, represents St. Wilfrid.


At the east end of the south aisle is a noteworthy piscina, its drain carved with eight leaves, meeting in pierced boss in centre.

It presumably dates from the 14th century, when the south aisle was added, but at some point was carefully filled up, and only uncovered – perfectly preserved – when the aisle was restored in 1884; it has been restored.

The arms of Charles II

Superbly carved royal arms, dated 1684.

They are carved in wood, with cherubs’ heads and other ornamentation, and bear also the arms of Whalley, with the initials C.R. and dated 1684.

This was formerly fixed over the chancel arch and is now located above the partition between the nave and the tower.

Parish chest

This chest, located in the north aisle is 6ft 9in. long by 18 in. wide, encircled by 21 iron bands.

It is variously dated to the 14th or 15th century by different sources.

Virgin Mary statue

The statue is located in the east window of the north aisle, which has been blocked up by the addition of the vestry.


The tower contains a ladder in the 1st floor chamber (now not in use) that appears to be of pre-19th century date.