St Wilfrid


There is relatively little stained glass in the church.

There is no stained glass in the north aisle.

In the south aisle there is a 19th century stained glass window, probably by Burlison & Grylls, on the east wall, with a dedication as follows:

To the glory of God and in memory of
Florence Emily Hodgkinson 1896


Virgin Mary St Wilfrid
In the south wall of the chancel there are two 19th-century stained glass windows.

The more westerly one is an image of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus and bears the dedication:

To the Glory of God and in memory of Alice Jane Bury

The more easterly one is an image of St. Wilfrid and bears the dedication:

In Memory of William Edward Bury Rector 1880-1918

The east window of the chancel has glass dated to 1896.