South Wheatley
St Helen

Monuments and Memorials

On the north wall of the tower was formerly a monument to the Booth family, now relocated to North Wheatley church in order to safeguard it for the future.

A translation of the Latin inscription reads:

Here in this church John Booth, gentleman, and Gertrude, with their only son, John and their daughter Anna, who both died without issue, and Catherine Holder, another daughter, most loved, and the heiress if her father, along with Agnes Holder, the most dearly loved daughter of the same Catherine.
To the pious memory of these pious people, namely, John the father, and Catherine and Agnes, Thomas Holder, Knight, a most devoted husband and father, weeping, wailing, and mourning, suffering with deepest grief, has place this unworthy testimony of his gratitude, piety and love towards them.
This Catherine, the best and most beloved by all (who when she lived, all her life excelled herself in charity towards the poor, and in benignity towards all) died in London on 18th day of August 1672, on the day (as is seen on the calendar) ascribed to St Helen, the Patron of this Church, in which she was always in her prayers, the same Catherine being buried in the tomb of her parents.
And Agnes, her daughter, died with great hope and courage on 3rd day of May 1652, on the day dedicated to the memory of the happy finding of the Holy Cross by the most glorious St Helen herself.
O how sweetly God has disposed so that here both Mother and Daughter, being dead, have come to one beneath the same Patron, St Helen, in whose honour each year on the day of her death, and the death of her Mother and Daughter, the Catholic Church gives praise with great piety.

No other monuments are known.