The History and Life of Churches

DVD - launched April 2012 - available now!

We have worked with Serious Media to create a short DVD to present the living church to children and young people: Showing what happens in these amazing historical buildings and how the building and artefacts are used in worship.

Starting from the point of looking at the heritage of the buildings, the DVD goes on to explore...

  • Church services, showing lively, multi-generational living worship, and including different traditions

  • The main elements of Christian worship (e.g. Bible readings, intercessions, children’s talks, sermons, confessions, singing –hymns and songs, meditative silence, communion)

  • Interviews with church members about what’s going on for them in that part of the service, how they feel, what they are thinking, etc.

  • Church life apart from Sunday worship – youth groups, serving others, toddlers, home groups and personal ‘quiet times’.


Other elements

  • What is "church"? ...the gathering of God’s people; more than just the building...
  • What makes it special? as sacred space...
  • How artefacts are used? ...bringing them alive...
  • What goes on outside of Sunday mornings? not just for Sundays...

  • What does it mean to be in a place where so many people have worshipped through the years?
  • What do the stories passed down to us in stained glass windows mean to children today?


The DVD has many uses but is aimed at enabling churches and teachers to help the teaching of Christianity in schools, with a particular focus on key stages 2 & 3.


We are very grateful to St Mary's church, Sutton-in-Ashfield and St Helen's church, Stapleford for allowing us to film during their services and events.