St Mary

War Memorial

First World War

N Aisle E end. Large metal Wall plaque 36" x 20":

Adcock James Pte.    Notts & Derby Rgt    Langemark, Belgium    9-Oct-17
Adcock Arthur Sgt.   2nd Northumberland Fusiliers   Ypres   17-Apr-15
Adcock Jessie Pte.   16th Notts & Derby   St. Julien, France   5-Aug-17
Adam Wllm. Pte.   (died of pneumonia)   Baghdad   28-Nov-17
Beard Fred.Whiteley 2nd Lieut.   Duke of Wellington Regt   le Transloy   11-Oct-16
Belfield Tom Gdsmn.   Grenadier Guards   Ypres   23-Apr-16
Brailsford John Pte   1st/6th S. Staffs Rgt.   Hill 69,Nr.Lens   28-Jun-17
Crowson John Daniel Pte   2nd/8th Sherwood Foresters   Ypres   26-Sep-17
Drinkwater George Wllm. Pte   1st/7th Sh.Foresters   Gommecourt   1-Jul-16
Holland John Claude Pte   1st South African Ambulance   Keninghelsh Belgium   14-Apr-18
Hudstone John Lomas Pte   3rd Leic. Rgt.   Rheims   27-May-18
Kellett James Herbert Pte   148 Canadian Inf.   Hill 70 Nr. Lens   15-Aug-17
Kellett Lawrence Briggs L.cpl.   1st/7th Notts & Derby Rgt   Foncquenvillers   1-Jul-16
Kemp Wllm. Dunstan Pte   1st Royal Wilts Rgt   Arras   Arras
Lake Cecil George Gnr   282 Siege Batt R.G.A   Flanders   11-Jan-18
Lake Wllm. Addison Lieut.   Royal Marine Light Infantry   Gavrelle   28-Apr-17
Lamb Joseph Sgt   2nd Sh. Foresters   Ypres   1-Jul-17
Methringham Fred Pte   MachineGun Corps   Gouzeacourt   18-Sep-18
Moore Harry Pte   8th N. Staffs Rgt.   Hebuterne Somme   9-Feb-17
Niland Martin Pte   1st/4th Norfolk Rgt   Gaza Palestine   19-Apr-17
Oxley Percy Pte   2nd Grenadier Guards   Givenchy France   29-Mar-15
Pearson Stephen Hetley 2nd Lieut   2nd Gren. Gds.   Cambrai   1-Dec-17
Rawlings Charles Pte   4th Australian Machine Gun Corps   Wounded & Captured   Died of wounds 1917
Roadley Thomas Stanley Flt. Commdr.   R.F. Corps   Buried Ram Wood Cmty Menin   17-Aug-17
Roberts George Cpl   2nd Royal Leic. Rgt   Neuve Chappel   20-May-15
Simpson Wllm Howard Pte   2nd Notts & Derby Rgt   Hoogewood   9-Aug-15
Smith Ben Pte   1st/7th Sh. Foresters   Military Hospital Etreat Rouen (wounds)   9-Jul-16
Smith Ernest Pte   9th Highland Light Infantry   Rambouiex   12-Oct-18
Walton Harold Henry (MC)Capt   1st/7th Sh. Foresters   Nohenzollern Redoubt   13-Oct-15
Westby Harold (MM) Bombr   R.F.A   Aire (wounds)   14-May-18
Whitehead Harry Esmond Sgt   R.A.F   Cambrai   4-Oct-18
Worthington Arthur Frederick Pte   Kings Own Yorks Light Infantry   Wounded Bassee Died Long Eaton   17-Feb-15
Wright Arthur Pte   2nd/6th Sh. Foresters   Military Hospital Woburn (wounds)   24-Apr-17

In addition, the North-east Window was installed as a memorial following the First World War.

Second World War

Book on Altar Table:

Crane Francis Dereck Lieut.    Royal Welsh Fusiliers    Antwerp    20-Oct-45
Hollis Sydney Gnr   Royal Artillery   North Africa   20-Aug-43
Lander John Major   21st ind.Para. Brigade   Sicily   13/14 July 1943
Pettifer George Sgt   R.A.F        

Additional Memorial

In addition to these war memorials there is an inscribed plaque upon the collective grave for the victims of the Chilwell shell-filling factory explosion during World War I.

To the Glory of God
And in memory of the men and women
Who lost their lives in the service of
Their country in the Chilwell Explosion
July · 1 · 1918