Brinsley St James


Core fabric 1838 on new site

Chancel added 1878

Significant Interior Features

Reredos 1894

Wrought Iron screen 1919

Timbers and roofs

  Nave Chancel Tower
Other principal      
Other timbers      


Cast-iron, low sided frame, by Taylors of Loughborough 1901

Not scheduled for preservation Grade 4.


  Nave Chancel Tower
Plaster covering & date     n/a
Potential for wall paintings Not known Not known  

Excavations and potential for survival of below-ground archaeology

No archaeological excavations have taken place.

The building was constructed in 1838; previous use of the land has not yet been researched but it is unlikely that any earlier church existed on this site. All standing fabric and below-ground stratigraphy is therefore likely to date from 1838 to the present day.

The overall potential for the survival of below-ground archaeology in the churchyard is considered low and below the present interior floors is considered to be low.

Exterior:Largely inhumation burials, C19th-C20th.

Interior: Nave of 1838 and Chancel of 1878. Stratigraphy of importance to this period only.

Standing fabric of building 1838 and later.