Monuments and Memorials

Formerly inside the chapel

A floor stone with cross and ‘Jesu mercy, Lady helpe’, the male arms of Longvillers (as held by the Stanhopes) and ‘Orate pro aia Johanne Stanhope uxor Henrici Stanhope Arm.’ Under the chancel arch - drawings in Throsby and Blagg.

In the porch / outside the chapel

Effigy of a vowess with a cherub either side of the head. No inscriptions. Drawings in Throsby and Blagg; now in Walesby church.

Two grave coverings with no inscriptions:

A priest. Incised effigy with quatrefoil sinkings - drawings in Throsby and Blagg, and photograph 1980s in Notts C.C. Historic Buildings Records

A lady (a vowess). Incised demi-effigy with quatrefoil sinkings, described by Throsby as damaged - drawing in Blagg.