Plumtree St Mary

List of Incumbents


Name Instituted Patron Notes
Roger de Sylly, cler. 26 March 1251 Sir Thomas FitzWilliam, Knight  
William FitzWilliam, cler. 16 May 1309. William FitzWilliam  
Edward FitzWilliam, cler.      
John de Walton, cler. 25 October 1356 on the death of the last Sir John FitzWilliam, Knight He resigned
John de Armpelford, cler. 8 February 1363 Same  
Edmund de Bingham, pbr. 20 January 1373 on the death of the last   He resigned
Lambert de Trikyngham 25 May 1378    
John de Roldestan, pbr.   Sir John FitzWilliam, Knight.  
John Wheatley, cler. 8 April 1416 Same Resigned
William Cupran, cap. 14 June 1460 William FitzWilliam Esq. By his will, dated 10 May 1507, he desires to be buried in the chancel
Thomas Wigfall 7 February 1507 Tthe guardians of William FitzWilliam Died 16 June 1534
Thomas Partington (or Portyngton), B.A. 7 August 1534 on the death of Thomas Wigfall The assigns of William FitzWilliam  
John Olyff, cler. 28 May 1552, on the death of the last Sir William Copley, Knight By his will dated 25 July 1608 (pr. 1 Oct. 1608) he bequeathed forty pounds towards repairing Plumtree Church
John Aston, cler. 22 September 1608 Godfrey Copley Esquire Desires by his will, dated 2 September 1614 (pr. 19 Jan. 1614) to be buried in the chancel
Francis Chamberleyn, M.A. 8 Dec. 1614 and 20 June 1616 The assigns of Godfrey Copley Esquire  
Vere Harcourt occurs as Rector in the Parliamentary Commissioner’s Report of 1650.
Vere Harcourt 6 December 1660 King Charles the Second Archdeacon of Nottingham from September 1660 until death
John Gee 3 December 1683 on the death of Vere Harcourt John Templer, of Chesthunt, Co. Hertford Admitted to prebend of Eton at Southwell, 24 August 1704
James Greenhalgh occurs 1714    
Charles Willatts, B.A. 26 January 1718 Lionel Copley Esquire Died 7 November 1760
John Carne, M.A. 4 December 1760 on the death of Charles Willatts John Moxon, of Woodford, Co. Essex, Esquire Died 1 October 1798
James Williamson, B.D. 18 Dec. 1798 on the death of John Carne Sir Lionel Copley, Bart Died 3 January 1813
Thomas Beaumont 10 April 1813 on the death of James Williamson William Elliott Elliott and John Elliott  
John Burnside, B.A. 22 Dec. 1816 on the resignation of Thomas Beaumont Same Died 23 December 1864
William Burnside, M.A. 13 January 1865 on the death of John Burnside William Stanford Burnside Esq.  
Samuel Benjamin Browne, B.A. 19 October 1883 on the death of William Burnside John Elliott Burnside Esquire Died 17 September 1906
Nigel Madan, M.A., Canon of Southwell instituted and inducted by the Lord Bishop of Southwell and the Rev. F. J. Ashmall. Rural Dean, 12 Feb. 1907. William Elliott Burnside Esq Resigned May 1912
Charles Doyne Powell, M.A. inducted by the Rural Dean, instituted 9 August 1912 Mrs William Elliott Burnside Died 25 July 1915
David FitzHerbert Wright, M.A. 28 November 1915. Same Resigned May 1926
Harold Robinson, M.A. instituted and inducted by the Rt. Rev. the Bishop of Southwell and the Rural Dean, 24 June 1926. Same  
Edgar Banting 1937    
Arnold Doxey 1957    
Norman Alfred Chadwick 1968    
Stephen John Oliver, A.K.C. 1979    
John James Stafford 1985    

Priests in Charge

Name Licensed
Mary Gee 1995
Malcolm Hugh Wainwright, M.A. 2002
Trevor Harwood Kirkman M.A. 2010