St Mary


Some walls contain a large variety of different stones.

West face of tower (upper part):

Triassic sandstone.

Around west window:

Triassic sandstone mouldings

Around west door:

Norman arches - grey lias limestone, Lincolnshire limestone (oolitic and shelly).

Lower part - reddened carboniferous sandstone.

Above, string course in line with west window - sandstone cobbles from local drift.

Arch of inset later doorway - Lincolnshire limestone.

North face of tower:

Mainly Triassic sandstone blocks.

North wall:

Triassic sandstone.

White Mansfield limestone.

Mansfield red magnesian or dolomitic limestone.

East wall:

Triassic sandstone.

Mansfield white magnesian limestone.

Carboniferous sandstone.

South face near priest’s door:

Triassic sandstone.

Reddened carboniferous sandstone (replacement)

Lincolnshire limestone

South wall around Hopkinson window:

Mainly grey lias sandstone, with reddish cobbles.

Triassic sandstone (window moulding blocks).

South porch:

Mainly Triassic sandstone with some harder carboniferous sandstone around door mouldings.

South face of tower:

Lower part - mainly lias limestone with cobbles from local drift.

Blind arcading - lias limestone.

Buttress - Triassic sandstone, red Mansfield stone (?), Lincolnshire limestone.

Upper part - Triassic sandstone.

Thanks to Dr Graham Lott of British Geological Survey, Keyworth, who supplied this information.