Image from the Bayeux Tapestry


Hospital Chapel of St Edmund

Newark Archdeaconry

Bassetlaw and Bawtry Deanery


Located probably at the northern end of the parish, past the hamlet of Nornay, the hospital of St Edmund is now entirely lost.

It was probably, like many small leper hospitals near the gates or entrances of towns, unendowed and entirely dependent on alms.

Henry III, when tarrying at Blyth in January 1228, granted to the proctors of this house letters of protection sine termino, whereby the king asked his bailiffs and faithful subjects, when their messengers came seeking alms for the support of the infirm, that they would admit them kindly and hasten to extend charity to them. Thus it is known to have been in existence by this date, but this is the only reference we have to the hospital. Its fate and ultimate loss is currently unknown.

No picture of this medieval hospital is known. The image on this page is a manuscript representation of work in a medieval monastic hospital.

Thanks to Dr Christopher Brooke for this information.