People and Contacts

The Research Management Team

The Team is made up of the following people:

Research Group Chair & History Editor: Professor John Beckett, Department of History, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

Archaeologist & Medieval History Editor: Dr Christopher Brooke, Department of History, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

Administration: Mrs Janice Avery

DAC Chair: The Rev'd Bronwen Gamble

DAC Secretary: Mr Jonathan Pickett, Jubilee House, Westgate, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, NG25 0JH

Webmaster: Andy Nicholson

We would especially like to express our thanks to Heather Stringfellow and Nick Harding for all their help with the Project over several years.

We also owe a great debt of gratitude to the late Rev Dr David Harper who designed and developed the website.

We regret that we are unable to answer queries regarding personal research, family history, etc, or to check on or provide information from parish registers, gravestones, monuments, or any other sources, as we do not hold information other than what is on this site. For this you might find the Ancestry section of the Visit Nottinghamshire website useful.

Researchers and other Helpers

We are very grateful to our volunteer helpers, amongst whom are:

Janet Abbey
Andrew Abbott
Barry Alexander
Jenny Alexander
John Allen
Jean Anabel-Cooper
David Anderson
Sue Andrews
David Armstrong
Jackie Armstrong
Dee Ashton
Chris Ashworth
Chris Atkin
Bernadette Ayton
David & Margaret Bagley
Margaret Barber
Sue Barker
Tony Barton (decd)
David Bate
Richard Bates
Bernard Beilby
Glynis Benford
Margaret Bennett-Samuels
David Bewley
Jo Blaney
Martin Bloomfield
June Boulby
Helen Briggs
Hilary Briggs (decd)
Margaret Brooke (decd)
Margery Brown
Rose Brown
Robert Brown
Margaret Bruce
B Bruton
Bill Buchanan
Chris Bull
Alan Butler
Bishop Paul Butler
Roy Butler
Geoff Buxton
Tim Carter
Andrew Cairns
Jill Campbell
Robin Campbell
C J Cawley
John & Jo Catling
Anne Chambers (decd)
David Chapman
B Charles
Martin Charles
Jean Cherry
Wendy Chetwin
Zoe Childs
Alan & Pam Clarke
Beth Clarke
Sheila Clarke
Charles Clarkson
Susan Clayton
Nicolle Cleaver
David Clifford
David Collins
Janet Cook
Anne Cooke
A Cooper
Martin Cooper
Anne Coyne
Richard Croft
Caroline Cousins
Linda Dales
Adrian Davies
Anne Day (decd)
John Day
Hugh Daybell
David Ditcham
David Dunford
Barbara Dunks
Anne Dunn
Anne Earl
Ann Edgcombe
Juliet Elliott
Jo Ellis
Julian Ellis
Gary Entwistle
Tom Errington (decd)
Christine Everard
Margaret Exley
  Pam Farrell
Heather Faulkes
Val Fethney
Derrick Fielden
Howard Fisher
Doug Fletcher
Sandra Ford
Hugh Foulerton
Tom Fremantle
Bryan Frettsome
Hilary Fry
Terry Fry
Rachel Gardner
Jean Gilbert
Rowan Gillam-Hull
Jean Gimbert
Lynda Gilliland
Pamela Goedhuis
Judith Goodall
Hugh Goodcliffe-Weyman
Keith Goodman
Mark Goodwill-Hodgson
Christopher Granger (decd)
Patricia Gregory
C P Grice
Jo Hackland
Angela Hallam
Bob Hammond (decd)
Linda Hanson
George Harper
Hillery Harrison
Ruth Hartley
Mrs M R Hawthorne
Jean Heald
Marian Henshell
Adrian Henstock
Sheila Hill
Peter Hoare
Peggy Hodge
Mary Howard
Sarah Hughes
Charles Hurt
Robert Ilett
Imelda Johnson
Michael Johnson
Colin Jones
Janet Jones
Michael & Elizabeth Jones
Robert Jones
Rosemary Jordan
Joshua Keeling
Peter Keith
Beryl Kemp
Jessica Key
Emma Kilkelly
Celia King
Bernadette Kirk
John Kitchen (decd)
Michael Knapton
Nathan Ladd
Rebecca Lamb
Janet Landon
Alan Langton
Linda Lees
Jeremy Lodge
Ann Lowe
Philip Lynd-Evans
B Maddison
Dick Makin
Bryan Maloney
Susan Manley
Malcolm & Pauline Marples
Denis Marriott
Bill & Jean Matthews
Anita Maunsell
David Mellors
J Mellors
Valerie Mellors
Brian & Pauline Miller
Anthea Moat
Geoff Mollart
Alison Montgomery
Carol Moore
Ellis Morgan
Tamsin Morris
Sheila Mortimer
Bob Murray
Rebecca Murray
  Norma Naisbitt
Ian Naylor
Maureen Newton
Hannah Nicholson
Jean Nicholson
William Nicholson
Geoffrey Oldfield
Meg Oliver
Julie O’Neill
Lynda Osgerby
David Ottewell (decd)
Glenn Parker
Brenda Pask
Jane Paulson
Colin Pendleton
Marjorie Penn
Michelle Pepper
Jo Perrett
Matthew Phillips
Rosemarie Poffley
Pamela Priestland (decd)
Abbey Rees-Hales
Graeme Renton
Terry Reynolds
Pat Richards
Clarence Rickard
Marie Roberts
Moira Robinson
Les Rourke
Vernon Royle
George Scrini
Janet Shaw
Marlene Simpson
Martin Skeffington
Colin Slater
Christine Slim
David Slowey
Katherine Smith
John Smith
Monica Smith
Rob Smith
Wallace Smith (decd)
Timothy Southall
Tony Spratley
Malcolm Stacey
Valerie Stanley
Ray State
Sheila Stevens
Adrian Sunman
Olive Taylor
John Thorpe
Bill Tomlinson
Eric Towle
John Treece
Christopher Trend
David Turner
Darren Turner
Eric Turner
Rita Turner
Mike Turney
Frank Underwood
Dave Valentine
Brian Van der Veen
Jenny Vowels
Alan Wahlers
Derek Walker
Kathryn Walker
Robert Walker
Jean & Richard Ward
Matt Ward
Sue Waterston
David Watson
Paul Watts
Evelyn Wharmby
James White
Ted White
Don Whysall (decd)
Brian Williams
David Williams
Eric Wilmshurst (decd)
Anne Woodcock
Margaret Woodhead
V Woodward
Barbara Worrall &
Mike Worrall (decd)
Geoffrey Yarnall
David Yates


We would like to express our thanks to a number of national experts who have generously contributed information:

Dr Allan Barton (medieval glass)

Jill Channer (post-medieval glass)

David Cope (decd) and Robin Hutchinson (tower clocks)

George Dawson (bells)

Professor Philip Dixon (medieval carvings)

Clare Hartwell (architecture and art history)

Professor Jane Geddes (medieval ironwork)

Dr Graham Lott (decd) and Dr Stephen Parry (geology)

Professor Chris Pickvance (medieval chests)

Peter Ryder (medieval cross-slabs)

Professor David Stocker (pre-Conquest carving)


We would like to pay especial thanks to those of our photographers who have each contributed to several churches:

Judith Asquith   Geoff Buxton   Jane and Bill Paulson

Making Contact

If you are able to help with doing research or providing information on any of our churches, then please contact the Administrator, Janice Avery.

If you have technical comments or queries about the website itself, please pass these to the webmaster.