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Nottingham Churches

The Southwell and Nottingham Church History Project is still active and undergoing regular revision and updates. Corrections and new research are always welcome. If you can help complete the work on any church, please contact our Administrator.

There are currently details on this site of 321 churches. These are 247 active churches and 74 former churches or sites. In addition there are partially completed entries for another 31 churches and sites, plus introductory entries for further 50. There are still 5 churches and sites which do not yet have an entry. Some of these are currently being researched.

We regret that we are unable to answer queries regarding personal research, family history, etc, or to check on or provide information from parish registers, gravestones, monuments, or any other sources, as we do not hold information other than what is on this site. For this you might find the Ancestry section of the Visit Nottinghamshire website useful.

Photographs, images, and maps are copyright of the original photographers or collection holdings (as stated). For personal use downloads may be made freely from the website but requests for commercial use should be made to the Administrator.

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