View of the church from the south


St Peter

Nottingham Archdeaconry

West Bingham Deanery


Until its demolition in the 1770s, the Mother Church of St Peter at Flawford was the parish church of Ruddington. In 1773 the chapel of St Mary in Ruddington was rededicated and consecrated as the parish church of St Peter. The original thirteenth-century building had been subjected to alterations, repairs and extensions.

All but the tower was finally demolished in 1887, when the present church was built on the same site and consecrated in November 1888. The south and east walls of the old tower were incorporated into the body of the nineteenth-century building.

Subsequently, St Peter’s central position in the village has continued to make it a strong focal point and extensions have kept pace with the growth of the village, which has included a number of new estates during the twentieth century.

Particular thanks to Jean Cherry for research on this entry
and to Sandra Appleton for photographs