Representation of a church

Langar Chapel

St Ethelburga

Nottingham Archdeaconry

East Bingham Deanery


This is a lost church. ‘Half a church’ is referred to in Domesday, but this may be a forerunner of Langar St Andrew.

It is mentioned in discussions between the Rector of Langar and the Prior of Thurgarton in 1257 concerning its obventions [def (OED): incoming fees or revenues, esp of an occasional or incidental character]. However, there is no mention of it in Henry VIII’s Valor Ecclesiasticus.

Entries in St Andrew’s parish register refer to it as St Ambrose or St Aubrey. (The Old English name for St Aubrey is Giselkirk.)  St Aubrey’s site was also known as Shipman’s Yard, and its churchyard was ploughed up in 1849.

The site was forgotten. In 1851 it was thought to be about one mile south of St Andrew’s and in the middle of de Encourt’s Manor.

No picture of this church is known. The image on this page is a manuscript representation of a church taken from a depiction of Henry II held in the British Library, London.