View of the church from the south-west


St Aidan

Nottingham Archdeaconry

Nottingham North Deanery


A bequest of £11,000 from a Nottingham chemist, George Waterall, was used to fund the building of St Aidan’s Church on Arnold Road, Basford. It was designed by Robert Evans & Sons in neo-Gothic style, and work began in 1903. Built of stone, it was opened in 1905, although not complete. To this day a chancel has not been added. It was a chapel-of-ease for St Leodegarius, Basford.

A concerted effort was made to complete the church in the mid-1960s, but not enough money was forthcoming. However there were significant re-arrangements, including the moving of the main stained glass window and the reredos from the east end to the Side Chapel. At long last unique sculptures by W Kawalec were added to the columns of the nave. But there was never enough to fund a chancel so the outside of the east end looks unfinished and is now always likely to remain so.

Particular thanks to Terry Fry for research on this entry