St Aidan

War Memorial

First World War

On November 22nd 1923 a new pulpit in light oak was dedicated to the 130 men of the parish who died in the Great War. Around the hexagonal shaped base, above its stem, were carved the words:

To the Glory of God and in Grateful Memory of the Men of the Parish who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-18. We died that England might live. Do thou live that England may not die

(This inscription is now to be found at floor level as the stem was removed in 1966.) The pulpit was dedicated by the Bishop of Southwell and unveiled by the Mayor of Nottingham, Alderman J Houston.

Originally all the names were to be inscribed on the pulpit, but eventually all those who served (the dead in red letters) were entered in a Roll of Honour volume kept in a glass-topped oak desk which stands by the north wall; it was dedicated in May 1930 by the Rev GH Vine.

Second World War

A dark oak reredos was commissioned originally for Mr & Mrs J Poynton and family as a memorial for Alan Poynton, but it became the Second World War Memorial. It was made by George Hammer of Crown Works, Harringay, and bears the simple inscription:

Remembrance. Thanksgiving. 1939-45

It was installed behind the altar in the sanctuary in June 1948, but moved to the Side Chapel in 1966.

Roll of Honour

St. Aidan’s Book of Remembrance
August 4th, 1914 - November 11th, 1918.
Sept. 3rd 1939 - 1945

“Their Name Liveth for Evermore.”

Roll of Honour
1914 - 1918

Allen Arthur   Benner Walter
Balchin Walter   Bexon Alfred
Barker Frank Gilbert Arden   Bexon Harold
Barber John   Blacknell William Henry
Bates Sydney   Blatherwick George James
Bellaby Albert   Booth Herbert
Bolton Gilbert   Cawkwell George
Bolton Harold   Castles William
Brierley George   Cave John William
Brierley Fred   Chamberlain Frederick Charles
Brownlow Alfred   Clements Leonard Percy
Brownlow Mark   Cliff Arthur
Burton Albert   Croft George Edward
Burton Charles   Cross John
Burton James   Davis Walter Arthur Bernard
Burton William   Dingley James Edward
Camm George   Ellis Charles Richard
Camm Henry   Elwiss Walter
Fearn Wallace Smith   Harvey John D.C.M.
Fewkes Levi   Hawksworth Matthew
Fletcher William   Henderson Charles Leonard
Freeman Harry Ingham   Henson Percy
Freeman Robert   Hickson Jack
Frisby William Stanley   Hills Jesse
Gee Harry   Holmes Fred
Gee Thomas   Hopewell Ernest
Gibson Joseph   Hopewell Thomas
Hagues Arthur Gordon   Hunt William
Hallam Arthur   Huskinson William Henry
Hart Percy   Huskinson Cyril George
Hutchinson Samuel   Morley Edward
Hutson Ralph   Morley James
Jackson Arthur   Morley John
Jackson Charles Henry   Mountford Leonard
Jebbet Edwin   Oldenbittle Stanley
Key William Edwin   Parkes William
Knight Edward Claude   Parnham Percy
Knight Ernest Arthur   Pembleton Charles Henry
Marriott George William   Pendleton Fred
Mathers Harry   Perkins Harry
Matthews Harold   Pilsworth George Henry
Meakin Arthur Gordon   Poole Herbert
Powell Wallace   Shackleton Joseph
Raine Claude   Shaw William Simpson
Richmond John   Smith William Henry
Rigley Frank Marshall   Speed George
Rigley John Edward   Spencer Henry Leslie
Rigley Robert   Spencer William Arthur
Robinson Noah   Spencer William Henry
Rudd William   Stapleton Vincent
Rudkin Fred Henry   Stirland John William
Saunders Edmund Eric   Storer Charles Henry
Scott Richard   Stretton Harry
Severn John   Tomlinson Leonard
Tomlinson William   Watts Robert
Tomlinson William   Webster William Allen
Toynton William Arthur   Wheatley William
Turner Thomas Cyril   White Albert Edward
Wagg George Frederick   White Arthur
Walters James   Willoughby George Edward
Walters John   Wilmot Herbert Haydn
Ward Frederick Cecil   Wood Albert
Watson George   Wright Robert
Watson Thomas   Yerrill Albert James

“We died that England might live.
Do thou live that England may not die.”

1939 - 1945

Barker Jack   Elwiss Wilfred Ernest
Barker Jack   France Jack
Blatherwick Stanley   Hall Alfred Justin
Bonser Jack   Hill Edgar
Bragg Albert   Hill Francis Peter
Brown Francis Ernest   Henson Joseph
Brownlow Edward Lawrence   Huggins Ernest
Brownlow Edward   Jenkins Leonard
Butler James   Marshall Clarence George
Chawner Eric   Osborne Leslie
Clifford Arthur   Osborne James Albert
Poynton Thomas Alan   Sleath Norman
Roberts Ernest Edward   Sleath William
Saunders Frank   Warley Percy
Shaw Arthur   Whitby Herbert Pridmore

May they rest in peace and
eternal light shine upon them.