Basford St Aidan

Features and Fittings

The chancel, looking
towards the altar
The cross mounted
on the east wall

Altar and Cross

There is a modern metal cross mounted on the east wall above the main altar.


Light oak, Gothic fretwork, hexagonal, height 3 ft 9 ins x 4 ft across. Originally, in 1923, it stood in the north east corner of the choir, on a stem which was removed in 1966, when the pulpit was moved to the south west corner of the choir.

The pulpit was given as a War Memorial following the First World War.


Installed on the east wall behind the altar in 1948 but moved to the Side Chapel in 1966. Dedicated as a Second World War Memorial in dark oak.

The side chapel,
showing the screen
The back of the
screen, looking out
of the side chapel

Screen to Side Chapel

Wrought iron gates were brought here from Basford Hospital when it closed, and were fashioned into a screen by Cyril Blades of Hickling Pastures. They were dedicated on March 25th 1967 by the Bishop of Southwell.

Mothers’ Union Memorial

Made of light oak by a friend of Father Crowie (then St Aidan’s vicar) and put up in 1976. It is fixed mid-way along on the north wall.

Sanctuary Lamp

In the north east corner of the Side Chapel, mounted on the wall, is a brass sanctuary lamp, given in 2003 in memory of Phyllis Barnett, a life-long member of the church.


The present font is portable, and is 3 ft high x 1 ft 3 ins square at the top. The stand is made of light alloy and the top is light oak with a chrome steel bowl. It was presented by Mrs. Clifton in December 1972 and bears a small plaque with the words: ‘To the Glory of God and in memory of Reginald Clifton, Churchwarden 1943-57'.

The original font was hexagonal and plain, of light coloured stone, standing in the north west corner of the north aisle. It was due to be removed in the re-ordering of the 1960's but was reprieved until the present one could be finished in 1972. Eberlin & Partners, architects, produced drawings for a rather ornate font in the re-construction, but it was rejected due to cost and being out of keeping with the simplicity of the finished church. A plan to construct a font from the base of the pulpit in 1967 never materialised either.


Solid light oak, 4 ft 10 ins high, square base, IHS on the front. A small metal plaque near the base reads:

To the Glory of God
and in Memory of James Foster
For over 10 years a warden of this Church
and Superintendent of the Sunday School
Died March 7th 1917
The gift of relatives and the clergy, congregation, teachers
and scholars and other friends.


There are two sanctuary desks, both 3ft 3ins high, light oak, with kneeling boards. One bears brass plaque:

The two sanctuary desks
were given in memory of
Brewer and Rifleman 1880-1944
“So he passed over and all the trumpets
sounded for him on the other side.”

These sanctuary desks apparently came from St Augustine’s, Basford after it closed.

There is another desk in light oak, 3ft high x ft 1½ins x 1ft 6ins, bearing a small metal plaque:

To the Glory of God
and in Memory of
who died 5th February 1959
aged 15 years

Three Prie-dieux

One carries a light metal plaque:

To the Glory of God
and in loving memory of
9th K.R.R.’s who died of wounds
Aug 22 : 1916

Also of his dear brother
7th Sherwood Foresters. Killed in action,
Apl : 14 : 1918

The Gift of their parents, brothers & sisters.