About the DAC


The Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham (formerly the Diocese of Southwell) is a part of the Church of England. It is the area which falls under the authority of the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham, and it looks to Southwell Minster as its cathedral church. It is made up of the county of Nottinghamshire, along with a very small part of South Yorkshire.

Every anglican diocese in England must have a “Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches” (usually referred to as the “DAC”). It exists to give advice on the care of church buildings, bearing in mind both their historical significance and their primary purpose of being centres for the worship of Almighty God today. Most members of the DAC have particular skills relevant to this task, such as a professional knowledge of architecture, archaeology, conservation or liturgy. The Committee also has access to other people with a wide range of skills which may be needed from time to time.

Any proposal to make alterations to a church building (other than a few minor matters) has to come before the DAC. The Committee can then work with the parish to try to make sure that the works are carried out in the best possible way, so as to enhance the mission of the church, and at the same time to respect its heritage. Formal permission for such works to go ahead is known as a “faculty”, and it is granted by the Chancellor of the diocese (who stands for the Bishop in legal matters). Before issuing the faculty, the Chancellor must take note of the recommendations of the DAC. Because of the faculty system, backed up by DACs, churches are exempted from many aspects of secular planning legislation.

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