East Stoke Hospital
St Leonard and St Anne


The exact site of the hospital is not known. However, there are reportedly several carved stones and figures built into the wall of East Stoke Hall that are believed to have formed part of the hospital, leading to the inference that it stood in proximity to the church and hall.

In 1998 a theory was advanced that Elston chapel was the infirmary hall of the hospital, as historically ‘Chapel Elston’ was also referred to as ‘Stoke’; however, as yet, this theory has not been substantiated. However, it is of interest to note that in 1851 there were two distinct enclaves within Elston parish that belonged to East Stoke; these were named ‘Elston Chapel’, along with an apparently additional unnamed portion of land (possibly a mapping error). These may relate to hospital holdings within Elston village.

Map of 1851 with boundaries showing East Stoke enclaves
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