St Leonard


On either side of the altar are two narrow windows, both of which contain panels from the Victorian church.

Webb's mark

The stained glass to the left of the altar represents Christ the Good Shepherd with a lamb and a crook. It was designed by G Webb and included his signature spider’s web. It was dedicated to George Edwin Mountney and made in 1931. The inscription reads:

In loving memory of George Edwin Mountney
born Jan. 20 1855, died Aug 2 1928 * R.I.P.

The window to the right of the altar depicts St Leonard with two released prisoners, and was designed by Webb again showing his trademark spider’s web (dated 1941). It is dedicated to the Rev Frederick R. Pinfold Sumner. The inscription reads:

In memory of Frederick R. Pinfold Sumner
vicar of this parish A.D. 1925-1938.

It is unclear whether these were just the centrepiece or whole windows from the original church.