Bothamsall Our Lady and St Peter


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Newspaper Articles

Retford Times – various dates

Parish Documents

Church Guide to Our Lady and St Peter

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Faculties: various dates

Handwritten document in church re crucifix 1898

Handwritten document re sale of work 1917

Letter from Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers re bells 2000

Letter from John Sinclair Willis re organ 1993

Letter from M Exton to DAC re bells 1996

Report from George Dawson re bells 2000

Report from Frederick Rambleton re condition of bells

Faculty Documents

10383 21/7/1982 – work within the church

11157 02/9/1987 – work to bells.

12179 02/9/1993 – for new organ and removal of pews

12459 11/09/1995 – for movement of brass plaque to Margaret de Baslingthorpe

13085 17/4/1997 – for footpath works

13985 24/2/2000 – for flagpole on tower

14868 – re-rendering

14869 30/1/2003 – electrical works

14870 – redecoration of interior

14871 – roofing works