Cossall St Catherine


Bell 1 Bell 2

The bells are housed in the western tower containing a ring of two bells.

  Inscription Size Weight


20.75’’ c 1.5 cwt

T. TVRVY P. SYSON C. W. 1733 

22.5’’ c 2 cwt

Hung for ringing in a wooden frame, Elphick type O, Pickford Group 5.A, for 2 bells, with wooden headstocks and plain bearings. The installation is in poor condition and the bells are only swing chimed.

The treble has five moulding lines at the shoulder. It is probably a late 14th century production by an unknown founder. It was originally supposed to have come from Cossall Hall (97), at one time a residence of the Willoughby family.

The larger bell is the work of Daniel Hedderly and Cossall appears in the Hedderly handlist. The previous bell had been cracked for many years for there are two entries in the Archdeaconry Court Act Book (98):

25th May 1772 The second bell must be cast and hung

19th September 1728 Memorand there is a broken bell which broak in 1713

1522: ij belles in the stipull

Phillimore visited on 10th October 1873.

Visited: 11.70.

In October 1962 Kimberley Repairs recommended work on the church bells and framework. Their inspection revealed a number of defects and their recommendations included detaching the bells, removing and repairing the clappers and rehanging with new straps and plates, making a new beam and two new wheels, and providing new ropes. The estimated repairs totalled £54. 11s. There is no firm evidence that the work was carried out.


The timber bellframe was dated by dendrochronology in 2014 as part of the Southwell and Nottingham Church History Project.

Ten samples were taken and all successfully dated though with an estimated felling date for only five. The estimated felling date for these five timbers, plus matching for two others, and thus the likely date of construction for the bellframe, is AD 1619.

The report on the dendrochronological analysis of the bellframe timbers is available for download.