Cossall St Catherine

List of Incumbents

Date Incumbent Patron

2 April. 1236

Elyas De Elinnechyrch, Clerk

Dame Emmetina de Moretoyn.

17 March.1290/1

Adam De Wellum, Sub Deacon

Roger de Mortein

25 Jan.1338/9

Roger De Wylughby, Clerk, on death of Adam. de Willlum

Sir Richard de Wilughby.

1 April 1340

Robert De Rempston, chap. on resignation of R. de Wilughby.

Sir Richard de Wilughby

16 Jan. 1361/2

Master Hugh De Wilughby, on death. of R. de Rempston.

Sir Richard de Wilughby

15 Dec. 1375

John, son of Richard de Willey, priest on resignation of Hugh de Wylughby

Matilda lady of Wolaton. 


John Hancok witnessed demise, as chaplain. 12 March. 1390


3 March 1427/8

John Wodhowse, priest on death of John Hancok.

Hugh Willughby.

22 Sept.1446

Richard Twigge, chaplain on death of John Wodehous.

Hugh Willughby.

27 Oct.1448

William Husse, chaplain on death of Richard Twigge.

Hugh Willughby.

17 Sept. 1460

Robert Netlam, priest on death of William Husse.

Richard Willoughby.

29 Sept.1466

Thomas Tyen, (Tewe,Tu). chaplain, on death of Robert Nettlam

Richard Byngham, Sir Robert Clifton, knt.,


Master William, D.D,. and William Lutt (?) clk.,


21 April 1486

Master Robert Ilkston, LL.B., on resignation of Thomas Tewe,

Margaret Legh, formerly wife of Robert Willughby.

12 March 1489/90

Master William Ilkston, on death of Robert Ilkston

now widow of Sir Peter Legh, knt.

9 Aug. 1491

Master Robert Welby, licentiate in canon law on resignation of William Ilkston

Sir Henry Willughby, knt.

14 Oct 1496

Robert Laurence, priest on resignation of Robert Welby.

Sir Henry Willughby, knt.  

17 Sept. 1517

Richard Smyth, priest, no vac.

Sir Henry Willughby, knt.


Chap. Sutton Passeys’ Chantry, 1508-11; Willoughbys’ chantry, 1511-7 both in Wollaton church.


23 May 1544

John Rowe, Date of entry in Compostion Book.


22 Aug. 1559

William Undern, no vac.

Gabriel Barwycke and John Hall, executors of Henry Willobye, deceased. Accused c1560 of being an evil man in conversation, gambling and leaving parish.

6 Aug. 1564

Ralph Wheatley, on the deprivation of William Undern

Gabrriel Barwycke of Bullock, Notts. and John Hall, Middleton, Warws.

30 May 1565

Ralph Dickon, on death of Ralph Wheatley

as above, during minority of Francis Willoughbie, son of Henry Willoughbie deceased.

30 Mar. 1571

Adam Squyer (Squire), on resignation of R. Dickon

Francis Willoughbye.

15 Sept. 1576

Robert Aldriche, on resignation of A. Squire. D.D.

Sir  Francis Willowbye, knt.

4 Dec. 1616

Percival Hynde, on the death of Robert Aldridge

Sir Percival Wyllughby, knt.

29 Nov.1628

John Wagstaffe, on the death of Percival Hynde

as above.


John Heywood, B.D. (Par. Reg.)


15 Nov.1661

Samuel Kendall, on resignation of John Heywood

Sir Francis Willoughby, knt.

11 July 1679

George Antrobus (Antropus), on the death of Samuel Kendall

Sir Henry Bernard, knt.

4 Oct. 1708

John Lloyd, on the death of George Antrobus,

Sir Thomas Willoughby.

14 Dec. 1720

John White, on cession of John Lloyd

Lord Middleton.

22 Nov. 1742

George Staunton Brough, on the death of John White

Lord Middleton.

20 Dec. 1766

Isaac Pickthall, on the death of George Staunton Brough

Lord Middleton.

19 June 1798

George Sanders, on the death of Isaac Pickthall

Lord Middleton.

10 May 1838

Francis Hewgill, on the death of George Sanders

Lord Middleton.

20 Sept.1846

Charles James Willoughby on resignation of Francis Hewgill

Lord Middleton.

7 Jan. 1876

Henry Charles Russell, on the death of Charles James Willoughby

Lord Middleton.

26 Sept. 1922

John Gordon Thornton, on the death of Henry Charles Russell

Lord Middleton.

17 Jan. 1935

Harry Bowman Liddell, on cession of John Gordon Thornton

Lord Middleton.

16 Sept 1943

Michael Faraday Giles, on the death of Harry Bowman Liddell

Lord Middleton

29 July 1947

Herbert Leslie Hobson. Hobson was the first incumbent of the new benefice of Awsworth with Cossall in 1955


20 March 1959

The Revd. Richard Henry Smart


2 Oct. 1963

The Revd. Wilfred Lawson Archer



The Revd. Cyril Miles


2 Sept. 1970

The Revd. Walter Davies


8 March 1974

The Revd. Leslie Cowley


29 Sept. 1977

The Revd. David Alan Roberts


12 Nov 1982

The Revd. D.C. Bignall


8 Dec. 1986

The Revd. J. A. Parfitt


14 July 1992

The Revd. Duncan McMann


18 April 2000

The Revd. Graham R Booth (Rector of Awsworth, Cossall and Trowell)


1 July 2001

The Revd. Joan Whysall (Curate)


10 May 2006

The Revd. Andrew Michael Lord