Adbolton All Hallows

List of Incumbents

The following are known:

Date of
Name Patron
1268 Richard
Rector, and also Dean of Bingham
13 Feb 1309 Roger de Adbolton Sampson Strelley.
2 Oct 1306 Robert Edmund de Hokerton Sampson Strelley
23 Mar 1340 John Pawe Sampson Strelley
28 Sep 1349 John Brown de Kynalton John Strelley.
25 Jun 1356 Thomas de Annesley Stephen de Strelley.
? John de Elton
Resigned for the Church of St Michael, Northampton
20 Aug 1406  Thomas Halle
Resigned for the Vicarage of Abington, Diocese of Ely
Robert Rosell
27 Nov 1411 WiIIlam Mauncell Robert Rosell.
? John Tetheby
27 Aug 1413 William Briggeford
William Eland.
22 Jul1422 John Essheton Robert Rosell.
6 Nov 1457 William Brand
the Archbishop of York, by lapse.
15 Jul 1459 John Bothe the Archbishop of York, by lapse.
5 Jul 1462 Robert Bubbewith, Prior of Blyth the Archbishop of York, by lapse.
13 Mar 1466 John Bothe
the Archbishop of York, by lapse.
14 Dec 1467 Christopher Banke Henry Eland.
1 Dec 14?? Henry Leeson Henry Eland.
14 Jan 1479 Thomas Lemyng
Henry Eland.
17 Apr 1505 Ralph Rosell
Thomas Rosell, senior (Ralph Rosellís father).
29 Jan 1506 Willlam Warton Roland Wynell.
1555 Ezekiah Cocke assigns of Robert Strelley.
1559 vacant - William Lee and Thomas Clay (parishioners) appointed administrators.  
15?? Thomas Wallls  
3 Sep 1583 John Deepuy
William Hall.
17 Oct 1585 Robert Moore William Hall.
7 Feb 1622 George Coates Robert Pierrepont.
25 Aug 1628 John Syston Robert, Earl of Kingston.
1650 Thomas Leeke
(Occurs as incumbent in the Parliamentary Commissioners' report of 1650.
He was also incumbent of Holme Pierrepont.)
26 Mar 1691 Samuel Birch Evelyn, Earl of Kingston-on-Hull.

From this point onwards no further institutions to the Rectory of Adbolton are to be found. On 22 June 1722, the Rev Samuel Greatorex, was instituted to the rectory of Holme Pierrepont with Adbolton annexed, on the presentation of Evelyn, Duke of Kingston-on-Hull. All subsequent institutions were made in like form.

The George Coats of 1622, appears to be identical with George Cotes or Coates, M.A., who was instituted Rector of St Peter's, Nottingham, 9 July 1617, and died 29 November 1640, aged 53; he was buried in St Peter's Church.