St Peter


The churchyard is roughly square in shape, with a curved truncation on the north-east angle. The church lies within the southern portion of the space at a south-west to north-east angle. The boundary to the south is a mixture of historic brick and 20th century stone walls, the brick wall curving and continuing along the east side where there are gate piers and gates forming the principal entrance. Boundaries to the north and west are of cultivated hedges. There are burials on all sides of the churchyard.

Grave marker to
Ellen Mitchell (1710)
Grave marker to
Martha and Bennett
Mitchell (1723)

There are three separate sets of listed headstones in the churchyard. Those 10m south of the chancel are a pair of slate headstones dated 1715 and 1717; those 10m south of the nave are another pair of slate headstones, both dated 1728; a final pair lie 7m south of the chancel, again of slate, and dated 1719 and 1720. If these are in situ, which is implied, there is the strong implication that the rebuilding of the church in 1840-1 left the churchyard largely intact from previous eras.