Gotham St Lawrence


Window typical of
many in the church

The majority of windows in the church have diamond shaped leaded glazing bars in which plain quarries, ie diamond shaped pieces of glass have been inserted. Horizontal leaded bars support two rows of these quarries which are placed sequentially up the height of the windows. From the position of these horizontal bars shown in a drawing of the church in 1835 it would appear that the church windows have been re-glazed since that time. All the windows in the church and tower are glazed except those windows and openings on the tower above the clock faces and in the spire itself. These openings have wooden shutters.

The clerestory has five, three-light windows on each side of the nave in the Perpendicular style. The windows in the nave are Early English and in the chancel they are in the Decorated style. The east window is in a modern Perpendicular style.

A few of the windows, mainly in the chancel, have tinted quarries of different pastel shades. There are three windows with stained or painted glass decoration:

The East Window. This was last replaced c1790 when the chancel was reduced in length, and was completely rebuilt in 1920 by Miss Vaughan in memory of her family. The fine, stained glazing is in three main lights and depicts the opening to the sepulchre where Christ’s body was placed after his crucifixion. The centre light has an angel who has spoken the words, ‘He is not here; ... he is risen, ...’ Matthew 28.6. On one side, a woman carries a small pitcher, and on the other, two women are looking up at the angel. The women are, ‘Mary of Magdala, Mary the mother of James, and Salome [who] brought aromatic oils intending to go and anoint him.’ Mark 16.6. In the upper part of the window are four small lights in the shape of jars containing flowers. It is not known whether the east window ever contained stained glass imagery before this date. It may well have been glazed with the lattice work of different coloured small lozenge shaped pieces of glass, set in lead, found in the other windows in the chancel.

A window in memory of the Rev Henry Maturin Finny sometime curate of this church who died in 1865, aged 35.

Engraved glass side panels at the entrance to the church, more modern with a delicate plant motif. These are in memory of Grace Mary Forrest, organist of the church for 40 years, who died 23 December 1977.