Gotham St Lawrence



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This viewpoint of the faces carved at the base of the chancel arch was suggested by Sybil Dabell, a churchwarden of this church.


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At the Conquest the brothers Hugo and Boselin de Dive were in the service of William, count of Mortain. In 1086 Boselin de Dive’s son William was a tenant of land in Sussex [Victoria County History Suss. vol. 1, p. 380.] and elsewhere [VCH War. Vol. 1 p. 304.] and of two houses in Northampton [Domesday Book 219 a ] from the holding of Countess Judith and Odo, bishop of Bayeaux and brother of the count of Mortain. Whether Hugh I de Dive of Gotham was the son of this William is uncertain but the details of the genealogy of Hugh’s descendants, who held land in Northamptonshire and in Gotham, show that the names Hugh and William alternate in each generation. [Northants. Rec.. Soc.. Sir Christopher Hatton’s Book of Seals vol. XV, pp. 108-9. See also the descendants of Ralph, brother of Hugh II de Dive. [VCH Camb. Vol. 5, p.165.]


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His death cannot be in 1210 as stated in Baker’s pedigree as Agnes who was the wife of Hugh de Dive is required to pay a fine of 40 marks in 1207-8 and supply one palfrey to the king ‘quod non distringatur ad se maritandum’ that is she should not be distrained to marry. Pipe Roll Society, 1207-8, vol. 22, New Series, p. 136. The debt was finally paid in 1214-15, see volume 35, NS.

Advowson, the right of presentation to a vacant benefice, in this case to the ecclesiastical living.

Lenton priory

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Godfrey, listing the rectors of Gotham follows Torre as his source, giving the patrons of Robert of Nottingham as coheirs of William de Dyve. [p. 103]. Thoroton was also convinced that the father of the three daughters was William. However, Godfrey later asserts in a footnote that ‘... Thoroton makes a mistake in calling them the daughters of William Dyve. They were his granddaughters, as stated in the pedigree in Baker’s Northamptonshire, vol. I, p. 160. ...’ Current thinking agrees with this cf: I J Sanders, English Baronies: a study of their origin and descent 1086-1337 (Oxford, 1960), pp. 19-20, and the various Cambridgeshire Victoria County Histories, e.g., vol. 5, pp. 141, 180; vol. 8, p.254.

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The heir of Agatha de Ratinden was her son John de Ratinden who in 1307 now held a reduced fee of Thomas, the present earl of Lancaster. This probably explains his decision to grant away the manor of Arrington, Cambridgeshire to John de Wauton, a former tenant (VC.H Cambs. Vol. 5, pp. 141-2.). Property which he held at Hinxton was also granted away (VC.H Cambs. Vol. 6, p. 222.).

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I am indebted to the late wife of Bob Hammond of Keyworth for this outline of John Lowthe’s life.

The reminiscences of John Louth were printed by J G Nichols Narratives of the Reformation (Camden Society, 1859) and his time as archdeacon of Nottingham is covered in detail in R A Marchant The Church under the Law: justice, administration and discipline in the diocese of York 1560 - 1640 (1969) pp. 147-97.

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Stint. To assign a limited amount of (common) pasturage to a person.

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I am grateful for the help given by Miss Teresa Kiersnowska in translating this text.

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NAO PR 10285. The burial register at Sutton cum Lound does not record the death of John Lightfoot, indeed they show no evidence of his presence during 1777-88. The register is neatly kept by Thomas Waddington, curate with a copy of the terrier for 1782 at the back of the register, again with no mention of the name of the vicar.

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Memorial plaque in the chancel.

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Godfrey, p.111. The vault lies under the carpet that covers the central aisle. Godfrey mentions a large brass plate inscribed as follows: ‘Thou hast made him most blessed for ever.’ To the beloved memory of my father the Revd. John James Vaughan MA. 46 years Rector of this parish Vicar of Ratcliffe upon Soar and Rural Dean eldest son of the Right Honble. Sir John Vaughan Knight one of the Justices of Her Majesty’s Court of Common Pleas Born March 9th 1809 Fell asleep in Jesus Novr. 17th 1881 and is interred in the vault beneath together with Lucy his first wife daughter of Paynton Pigott Stainsby Conant Esqe. Born July 8th 1806 Fell asleep June 12th 1840 Paynton Le Marchant his third and youngest son Born Sept. 24th 1838 Fell asleep Novr. 1853 and Mary his second wife, daughter of R. Hawgood Crew relict of Henry Tredcroft Esqe. Born Augt 24th 1795 Fell asleep June 3rd 1872 ‘When He who is our life shall appear then shall they also appear with him in glory.’ The tablet is erected by his daughter Isabella Margaret Ainsworth.

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A personal communication from David Gorick has provided considerable information for these last few paragraphs.