Habblesthorpe St Peter


East side of
the churchyard
Grave marker to
John Staniland (died 1906)

The roughly rectangular churchyard is the only part that can still be discerned being clearly marked by a thicket of overgrown churchyard vegetation. It occupies approximately 0.25 hectares in extent. A few post-medieval grave markers still exist, mainly to the south and east sides of the site; dates of 1855 and 1910 have been noted. In 1989 it was officially closed by Orders in Council.

The boundaries of the churchyard are poorly defined on the east and south sides - though a hedge may have formerly existed on the east - and may have been eroded by encroachment of agricultural land; on the north side there is an area of rough ground that probably also once formed part of the churchyard. To the west is a public footpath and drainage dyke and these may represent long-standing features unrelated to the churchyard.