Hucknall St Peter and St Paul

Features and Fittings

Altar, pulpit, full
immersion baptistery
with font
Altar and pulpit Full immersion
baptistery with font
Full immersion
baptistery with font

The altar was built in the centre of the church, with seating all around it, and has been described as the first Anglican church in the county to be built in this particular style, in keeping with the setting of the Last Supper. The font is situated in the church entrance and the pulpit on the opposite side, in order to give the most prominent positions to the three major functions of the church.

There is a full immersion baptistry with a font at the side. The altar table is of slate.

Virgin Mary
and child
St Peter

In the Prayer Corner is a statue of the Virgin Mary and child. This was installed in the 1980s. There is also another small statue of St Peter, sited in the Prayer Corner, which came from the original church of St Peter on Watnall Road, Hucknall.

Seating consists of wooden chairs and was originally designed for around 110 people, but this was subsequently increased to 200 by connecting the church to the existing hall by means of two archways with removeable partitions.

A bookstand in the south-east corner of the church is in memory of Leslie Eastty. The inscription reads:

Leslie Eastty         1941-1962