St Paul


The church entrance facing east, was set close to the George Street pavement and surrounded by buildings on the other three sides. At the rear, west elevation it was close to the rear 19th century Thurland Hall. On the north and south boundaries were commercial buildings constructed about the same time as St Paul’s. The church covered its allocated site so did not have a churchyard as such. From the OS map of 1882 there appears to have been one, tiny curtilage building at the south-west corner, accessed by a path along the south side of the church; its purpose is unknown but it may have been a coal or coke store for the heating system. Some further peripheral buildings on the north side may have belonged to the church or to neighbouring properties; there was a path giving access from a small transeptual building at the north-east. There was also formerly an exterior flight of steps at the north-west angle of the nave.