Porchester St James


Primary Sources

‘The Barn Church’ by Revd A J Evans (1948)

St James Parish Magazine articles by Revd A J Evans 1939, 1941, 1942

St James Porchester Magazine articles by Revd A B Jordon 1955, 1956

‘Parish of Porchester, Past and Present’ Chris Atkin (2003)

‘A Brief History of the First Fifty Years’ Helen Briggs (1985)

Saint Peter’s Nottingham Parish Magazine - article by Armoral Young. (Nov.1995)

Porchester Freehold Garden Estate. Deed of Covenant and Indenture of 1893

Southwell Diocesan Registry

Local Studies Library

Nottinghamshire Guardian   28th July 1906
    31st October 1945

Nottingham Evening Post 10th September 1954

Guardian Journal 2nd July 1969

St James’ Porchester

Church Log Book

Church Terrier and Inventory

St James’ Archives

Letters from Church Commissioners 1956 and 1963

Minutes of St James PCC meetings from 1935

Published Sources

1750 - 1879 Nottingham Date Book. (1880)

1936 Kelly’s Directory of Nottingham

Anecdotal records

Mrs Myra Chilvers